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The program

One of the most pressing needs identified by WIL was the development of a Mentor Program. As part of this program, we hope to encourage individuals to develop to their fullest potential using a network of business professionals that WIL has successfully established over the last 20+ years.

The diverse membership of nearly 400 people in various logistics positions provides an accessible platform for women and men to reach out to when facing career decisions.

Who might be interested in contacting a mentor?

  • A woman or man who has been working with the same company for a long period of time and feels restless to move on and try something new.
  • An experienced professional who is completely happy in her current job but who has run into a new and delicate situation and is seeking feedback from another professional with similar experience.
  • A student preparing to enter the workforce who is looking for answers about careers in logistics.
  • A mother or father returning to the workforce who needs to become familiarized with changes in logistics and available opportunities.

All conversations are strictly confidential.

For information on how to become a WIL mentor, please click here.

If you are looking for a mentor, please click here.

7/10: WIL mentoring program in “Inbound Logistics”

We received great coverage in a well-respected, national, logistics magazine!

Inbound Logistics did a piece on mentoring, and our own Stacy Roth spoke with them about WIL’s program. Read or download the on-line version (WIL is featured in a sidebar on page 97) by clicking here for their PDF edition.