Women in Logistics

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Scholarship winners since 2004

Thanks to the generous support of our members and attendees at the annual golf tournament in June 2015, we were able to award two $2500 scholarships this year.

Over the past 13 years Women in Logistics has awarded over $61,000 towards tuition and fees to more than 30 Bay Area students preparing for their careers in logistics and supply chain management. We look forward to the continuing this tradition – the members of WIL as well as the award recipients thank you!

  • 2015 Winners

    • Dana Conrad BS, CSU-Maritime

    • Jordan Mootz BS, CSU-Maritime

  • 2014 Winners

    • Alpa Rane Graduate Certificate, Golden Gate University

    • Alejandra Salgado California Maritime Academy

  • 2013 Winners

    • Yazmin Penzien: San Francisco State University

    • Nanavati Low: UC Berkeley

  • 2012 Winners

    • Elsa Velasquez: California Maritime Academy

    • Benjamin Bass: San Francisco State University

  • 2011 Winners

    • Sierra Sitton: BS, California Maritime Academy

    • Anne Dohler: BS, CSU-East Bay

    • Virginia Traxler MBA, San Francisco State University

  • 2010 Winners

    • Nikolay Stochev: MBA, Golden Gate University.

    • Monica Torres: California Maritime Academy

  • 2009 Winners

    • Fiona Fitzgerald:

    • Liam LaFargue: San Diego State

    • Olivia Ortega California Maritime Academy

  • 2008 Winners

    With our largest pool of applicants yet, the board awarded a total of 5 awards this year:

    • Brigitte Grace Bayemi: MBA, Golden Gate University

    • Xuejiao Dutton: MBA, SFSU College of Business.

    • Devon Krakowski: BA, California Maritime Academy

    • Tracey Landstrom: Piedmont High School (entering college next fall)

    • Sandra Laudoniu: BA, SFSU College of Business

  • 2007 Winners

    • Mary Jones: MBA, CSU East Bay

    • Megan Smirti: Ph.D. UC Berkeley

  • 2006 Winners

    • John Paul (JP) Balucan: MBA, SFSU College of Business

    • Jessica Cinani: BA, California Maritime Academy

    • Andrew Warren: BA, California Maritime Academy

  • 2005 Winners

    • Somdutta Biswas: MBA, SFSU College of Business

    • Brian Dusseault: MBA, SFSU College of Business

  • 2004 Winners

    • Maggie Cheng: BA, Golden Gate University

    • Ryann Cheung: MBA, SFSU College of Business

    • Ming Xue: MBA, SFSU College of Business