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As a service to its members, WIL maintains online resumes. You may post your résumé (submit via email to Katie Reuland under your own name or, if it is impolitic to go public with your job search at this time, anonymously. Résumés should be submitted in either MS Word or PDF file formats. Please review the “Submission Guidelines” below before submitting your résumé.

Current résumés are submitted below in “Public” or “Confidential” form according to the candidate’s wishes:

Public Résumés

None at this time.

Confidential Résumés

None at this time.

Submission Guidelines: Please review first

WIL members may submit their résumés for posting on the site. As explained on the main page, you may go public with a standard résumé or, if you would prefer it not to be known just yet that you are looking, you can post a “confidential résumé, which will appear with personal identifying information removed and the WIL Job Bank Director appearing as your email point of contact.

When you submit a résumé, please also provide in your email a word or phrase to convey the job or field to which you aspire. Absent this, we will do our best to guess.

Résumés must be submitted in either Microsoft Word or in PDF format, and will be posted accordingly.

Résumés are generally posted for a period of 90 days. Please email the Job Bank Director if an extension is desired. If no extension is requested, the résumé will be pulled after or near after the 90 days have lapsed.