Welcome to Women in Logistics

WIL is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the name of Women in Logistics with members, both men and women, from the following industries: Logistics, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Technology, and Supply Chain Management. Since 1981, WIL has provided Bay Area logistics and transportation professionals a forum to:

  • Promote career growth through education and networking.

  • Be active in the Bay Area transportation community.

  • Learn, exchange ideas, establish and grow relationships, and support each other’s career goals.

  • Find opportunities to upgrade your job position and to find qualified people to join your firm.

  • Find opportunities for volunteer and leadership experiences on the local board.

WIL offers a variety of programs:

  • Quarterly Events with topics that educate our members on current issues impacting the logistics and transportation industries.

  • Annual Golf Tournament

  • Annual Scholarship Award which can be used toward college or professional development classes.

  • Mentor Program offering access to top level professionals for one-to-one career counseling or to “give back” to a newer member.

  • Job Bank offering up-to-date listing of employment opportunities. We encourage you to take advantage of our member services to post your company’s job openings.

  • Resume Vault offers you the ability to post your resume for prospective employers to see

WIL is a non-profit professional organization run completely by volunteers. To learn more about us, please visit here.

The founder of Women in Logistics Stacy Roth discussing women in the Supply Chain- The journey to success in never straight with WIL and UBER